When placing an order on our Website, you may create a customer account by checking the box provided for this purpose.

Each order is subject to:

  • the full acceptance of our Conditions of Sale,
  • the provision of a legal payment method accepted by LOVEBIRD.

In order to purchase a product you must do as follows:

  • When you have chosen your product, click on “Add to cart” or a similar box. This operation may be repeated for each desired product.
  • You may view a summary of the products selected by clicking on the shopping bag: at this point, you can either modify your shopping bag or confirm your order by clicking on “Checkout” or “Payment”.

In order to complete your order, you will be asked to read our COS and check the box provided for this purpose. Once you have read and accepted our COS, you are aware of the essential terms of the sales contract.

Before validating your order, you must verify the details of your order and personal information one last time, such as your first name, last name, e-mail address, delivery address, the selected payment method, the products ordered, the prices of each product and the delivery costs. If necessary, you may return to the previous page and correct any errors or omissions.

The order is confirmed once you have received by e-mail an acknowledgement of the order.

The sale will be considered final once the payment of the order has been received.

LOVEBIRD gives you the possibility to customize each product according to your wishes. However, LOVEBIRD draws your attention to the fact that each customisation is final and may not be changed once your order has been confirmed. Please be sure of your choices before finalizing your order, which will not be subject to any cancellations or exchange.