All prices are listed on LOVEBIRD’S Website, accessible at the following address: In accordance with the fluctuation of prices of gold and other raw materials, product prices can be subject to change. LOVEBIRD reserves the right to change the prices on any sale that is not firm and final at the time of the order.

Each sale is considered firm and final from the moment you receive the confirmation receipt of your order.

The prices shown on our Website are in Euros and are inclusive of French VAT. The prices take into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order, and therefore the rate can vary from one order to another according to its fluctuation. LOVEBIRD will automatically reflect the changes in price for each product.

These prices do not include international shipping costs and other taxes such as foreign taxes and custom duties, which are borne by you. LOVEBIRD has no control over these charges. Shipping costs are described in the “Delivery” section (Article 10) of these COS.

In the event of prices being displayed incorrectly due to technical difficulties, whether they be IT-related or manual, especially if the prices are derisory or manifestly incorrect, the order will be cancelled without compensation.