A comme Amour

18ct rose gold & pink sapphire

Amour, to love with a big A
"A" for Affection,
"A" for Adoration,
"A" for Amour. Mon amour.

Place your heart on your wrist

This Lovebird bracelet reveals and illuminates the strength of your feelings. Its half-bangle symbolises your strength. Its half-chain demonstrates your closeness. The extremities of the bangle subtly curve and finish in the shape of a heart; because all in this bracelet is love. It is adorned with a unique charm set with a candy-colored pink sapphire, engraved with the letter A, for "Amour". Whoever wears A COMME AMOUR on their wrist will feel blissfully carried away.

You can also create your own bracelet.


  • Precious stone quality grade: AAA
  • Closed setting with heart openwork
  • Width of bracelet: 1.5mm
  • Lovingly handcrafted in Paris within 5 weeks

Size and Engraving Guide

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