Make a Wish

18ct rose gold & diamond

Adorn your wrist with magic

The bracelet « Make a Wish » is a unique piece you can personalize with a meaningful word, a mantra, a date or a secret message that is close to your heart. Lovingly handcrafted in Paris from 18-carat rose gold, this Lovebird bracelet is inspired by a romantic tradition from Japan which celebrates the love story between two stars. The shape of its charm is that of a tanzaku, a small paper note on which you write your dearest wish.

Yes, all is love and luck in this charm message bracelet you can wear everyday, like a Talisman.

So, ready to make a wish?


  • Diamond carat weight: 0,01ct, G/VS quality
  • Metal: 18ct rose gold
  • Magically handcrafted in Paris within 5 weeks

Engraving orientation

Your lucky word

(7 letters maximum)