18ct rose gold, purple sapphire & star charms

Of course it's Oui,
Not "perhaps", not "later",
It's now, it's today,
Every fibre of my being says Oui.

Declare your love

An indispensable Lovebird bracelet full of meaning. No exaggeration, no pretence: love affirms itself here in its most beautiful simplicity. And with elegance: Oui to the half-bangle that is finished with a heart on each end - Oui to the sapphire that brings happiness - Oui to the stars, to joy, to optimism and to tenderness. We can only say yes to the bracelet OUI.

You can also create your own bracelet.


  • Precious stone quality grade: AAA
  • Closed setting with heart openwork
  • Width of bracelet: 1.5mm
  • Affectionately handcrafted in Paris within 5 weeks

Size and Engraving Guide

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