Our story

A touch of poetry,
A soft whisper of love,
Secrets... (Shh!),
And precious moments to share.

The romantic Lovebird jewellery brand was launched in 2016 with a beautiful idea: to give love a voice. A voice that could be expressed with letters, symbols and precious stones. An intimate secret to keep to ourselves and that only our loved one or those closest to us will come to know.

Lovebird message jewellery celebrates all forms of love, whether passionate, sincere or dreamy, as long as it comes from the heart. Love but also friendship, intimacy, attachments, as long as they are tender.

Each Lovebird bracelet is unique - like you.

A message to unravel,
Love to unveil,
On a piece of jewellery that we adore,
That we will never take off.
Symbole Lovebird


Lovebirds, also called "Inseparables" in French, are little colourful birds, known for staying in the same couple all their lives. They never leave each other, just like you and the bracelet that you will soon have around your wrist - your tender partner for everyday wear.


Lovebird reinvents the great tradition of French message jewellery from the Romantic Period. During the 19th century, lovers vied creativity to express their most eloquent sentiment. Acrostic jewels, made popular by Napoleon and Josephine, were composed like little love poems. And precious stones were chosen as much for their beauty as for their meaning.

The stars that inspire,
The emotions that we dare not show,
Now brushing our skin,
Next to a letter or beautiful word.


Lovebird evokes joy with delicateness and creativity, to embellish the lives of all those who wear the bracelets. Each Lovebird piece holds meaning. It is the Talisman that brings good fortune, the protector that celebrates the anniversary of love, the messenger that reveals feelings, the friend who is always available. In the most beautiful of ways.

Our jewellery mirrors you

Each message is a declaration. Choose your Lovebird piece among our collection, or create it yourself, selecting from our precious stones and charms that you can engrave with your choice of letters. With it, you can be the dreamer, be daring, be the poet or artist. By wearing Lovebird jewellery, you show a state of mind.


Down to the last detail

Each piece is handcrafted in France within 5 weeks. Our jeweller, recognised for the excellence of his craftsmanship, conceives your personalised Lovebird piece at the heart of his workshop in Paris. The gold, and each stone used for your piece, is selected with the greatest care. Then, your chosen letters are engraved.

L’Amour en rose

All Lovebird bracelets are 18-carat rose gold.

Precious stones

All our precious stones are of the highest quality and are ethically sourced: multicolour sapphires (blue, pink, yellow, green and purple) and diamonds.